Duramax® Replacement Wear Parts for your Hogzilla

Duramax provides exceptionally long-lasting, high-performance wear parts.
Our tub & horizontal grinder wear parts are manufactured with high-quality performance in mind. Our specially designed carbiding process that is trademarked “DURAMAX®”, results in exceptionally long-lasting, high-performance tips/inserts.

Click Here to reorder Duramax replacement wear parts for various Hogzilla models:
Tips, Teeth, Hammers, Wear Plates, Screens, Cutter Bars, Nuts, Bolts and more

  • Many wear parts are in stock or are manufactured in house to order, usually shipping within 72 hours.
  • We build to order at both our Oregon and Florida factories and we’re happy to customize to your specific needs.
  • Not all wear parts are listed.
  • Help us expand our product lines and we’ll help you on your first order of the new product

Click Model Number For Replacement Wear Part Listings
Hogzilla 1254 Hogzilla 1264 Hogzilla 1354 Hogzilla 1362 Hogzilla 1462 Hogzilla 1464
Hogzilla 1564 Hogzilla 6250        

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