1. Q: Do you have parts for my machine?A: We carry most wear parts for most wood waste recycling equipment.  If we don’t we will work with you to carry it in the future.
2. Q: Why don’t you have parts in stock?A: We carry parts for practically every piece of wood recycling equipment on the market.  It would be impractical for GWP to stock everything.  Typically we can ship your requested product within 48 hours or less. This allows our clients to customize their product to their need.
3. Q: Why do I have to get measurements for the part?A: Some original equipment manufacturers change their part dimensions from machine to machine. We’ve also found that since a hammermill is in a high impact zone, some machines have changed over time due to the rebuilding of the hammermill area.  We want to make sure that our parts fit your machine when you receive them.  This is a one time process so future orders will always fit your machine.
4. Q: What is your lead time?A: We strive for 48 hours or less.  It is very rare if we are over 1 week.
5. Q: Why don’t you keep my credit card on file?A: It is against banking regulations and for your security that we shred all credit card info after each use.
6. Q: How much is shipping?A: This depends on how much weight and where we are shipping.  We always try to ship out of the factory location closest to our client.
7. Q: Where are you shipping from?A: Usually from the factory closest to our client, either  Oregon or Florida.
8. Q: Why should I buy from you?A: We have specialized in nothing but wood waste grinder wear parts for over 22 years.  We provide product that lasts longer than the competition, fits right and is delivered on time.
9. Q: How are you compared to the O.E.M’s parts?A: Our speciality is grinder wear parts, therefore we specialize in long life, fit, durability and customized products to help your grinding needs.  OEM’s focus on selling equipment.
10. Q: Are you The Trading Company?A: The Trading Company is our sister company.  They provide products for Grinder Wear Parts.
11. Q: Why do I have to set up an account to place an order?A: We need to be sure we have all your correct information including shipping address so we can send the correct product next time you order.  When you set up your account you can pay by credit card or we can set up an ACH.
12. Q: How long will the tips/inserts last?A: This depends on product being ground, size of holes in screen, amount of dirt/sand and contaminates being ground and operator experience.
13. Q: Is this the best tip?A: Yes
14. Q: What is the best carbide pattern for the buck?A: It depends on your current wear pattern on your tip.  Contact your Grinder Wear Parts representative.
15. Q: What is the best screen hole size?A: This depends on the desired product size, material being ground and equipment being used.
16. Q: What is the most common carbide pattern?A: 4 weld with buttons.
17. Q: Can I get a parts list for my grinder?A: We can give you a recommended list of wear parts that we can provide.
18. Q: Why don’t you have a catalogue?A: We are constantly upgrading and adding to our product line.  To constantly reprint a book the size of the yellow pages would be impractical.  We would rather save the money of a catalogue and pass the savings on to the customer.
19. Q: What happens if they don’t fit?A: If it is due to an error on our part we will pay to get it shipped back and replace it ASAP.
20. Q: Can I convert from a swing hammer to a fixed hammer or visa-versa and if so what are the benefits?A: Most machines can be converted.  Contact your Grinder Wear Parts sales representative to go over the details.
21. Q: Why don’t we do some parts (usually patented) ?A: Some parts are patented so the original equipment manufacturer can charge maximum prices to their customer.  We will work with our clients to design a better wear part at a cheaper price.
22. Q: What is the screen material made out of?A: T-1 (A514), AR400 and AR500.
23. Q: What are the features/benefits of T-1 & AR400 material?A: Heat treated steel that lasts longer and can take abrasion and impact much better than mild steel.
24. Q: What is the best hole pattern on a screen?A: This depends on the desired product size, material being ground and equipment being used.
25. Q: If I gave you the OEM’s part# could you tell me if you have it?A: No, however the OEM description will answer a lot of questions.  Usually measurements will help determine what part it is or we can have your part shipped to our factory location so we can reverse engineer it.
26. Q: Why should I buy your bolts and nuts?A: Our bolts and nuts are heavy duty, Grade 8.  Our bolts all have extra tall heads since normal heads wear down too fast.
27. Q: Are your bolts grade 8?A: Yes
28. Q: What are your hammers and swing hammers made out of?A: T-1 (A514) or AR 400
29. Q: What are your rods made out of?A: This is a trade secret.  They are designed to handle the wear application of your hammermill.

Grinder Wear Parts manufactured screens/grates and shear pins for your CBI 4800 grinder

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