Delivering Quality Tub & Horizontal Grinder Wear Parts

One of the key areas where Grinder Wear Parts, Inc. focuses its efforts is in providing outstanding customer service and accurate manufacturing/delivery information so your operation can work efficiently and profitably. We are committed to manufacturing and shipping your wear parts incredibly FAST due to our manufacturing facility's direct rail service. At the time of placing your order, our Wear Parts Specialists will be able to inform you of an accurate time of delivery to prevent costly downtime. Why is this so important to us? We understand that projects often have stringent deadlines and that you depend on companies like us to deliver parts within your time frame.

Other companies may provide you with parts necessary to complete your project; however, many of them fail to ship to your job site within specified and promised time frames. This usually results in prolonging your schedule, which creates both hassle and a loss of profit. Don't be fooled by false assurances from other wear parts suppliers - You may end up dissatisfied and disappointed.

International Shipping

We understand that job sites sometimes extend beyond the borders of the United States. With this in mind we gladly provide our clients with international shipping options. We are well aware that shipping internationally requires that extra care be taken with regard to brokerage, timelines, and customs amongst other things.  The distance, method of transport, and delivery schedules mush be reviewed at time of ordering. We have a great deal of experience with these factors and can help you to get the best quality, performance wear parts for your operation in the shortest amount of time.

We Value Your Business

It is absolutely essential to provide the best possible customer service to all of our clients. That is why we have continued to generate new ideas to serve you better. We value your business and appreciate that you choose us to provide all of your grinder wear parts.

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Grinder Wear Parts manufactured screens/grates and shear pins for your CBI 4800 grinder

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