How to Determine How Much Carbide you Need on Your Tips/Inserts and Swing Hammers

Posted on: Jun 09, 2016 - 10:00 AM | Wear Part Products
Author: Darrin Martin

Sonja Zehr is the Sales Manager for Grinder Wear Parts and has a lifetime’s worth of knowledge about the wood grinding/wear parts industry having grown up in the family business. For this post she offered some tips on application of carbide, an extremely hard material that is applied to the parts of the tip/insert that wear out fastest, to various wear parts to extend their usage.

According to Sonja, the best way to determine how much carbide you need is to check your worn parts. Most of the time too much carbide is used. If that is the case you end up paying too much because of the extra carbide—definitely a situation to be avoided because carbide is expensive!
AD, 4-weld worn tip/insert, Grinder Wear Parts
AD, 4-weld worn tip/insert

The most efficient carbide pattern on a tip/insert is a 4-weld with corners (or buttons) for most operations. The second-most popular carbide pattern is a 6-weld side with carbide applied down the side of the tip/insert as well to protect the tip and hammer from wear.
 AD, 4-weld with corner buttons, Grinder Wear Parts
4-weld with corners/buttons

Swing hammers generally have carbide applied only across the tip and down the sides but, as long as you have clearance in your machine, you can put carbide almost anywhere to meet your specific tub or horizontal grinder needs. A word to the wise though, it often does not translate into the best ROI.
Reversible swing hammer, Grinder Wear Parts
Reversible swing hammer

An 8-weld has a more generous application of carbide, covering the entire top side. This is useful for certain applications but could be overkill for others. It is important to be sure that you are using the right amount for the job.
AD, 8-weld carbided tip/insert, Grinder Wear Parts
AD, 8-weld carbided tip/insert

To learn more about this subject or other matters regarding wood waste, tub & horizontal grinding equipment and parts, please contact the wear parts specialists at Grinder Wear Parts, or 800-827-0401.

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