How to Get Fast Delivery of Factory Direct Tub & Horizontal Grinder Wear Parts to Reduce Downtime

Posted on: Feb 26, 2016 - 03:00 PM | Wear Part Products
Author: Wayne Brown
Downtime for Replacement Parts is Going to Cost You
Time is money.   This doesn’t just apply when you’re paying a lawyer; time spent idle because you need wood chipper replacement parts means, at best, lost income.  At worst, it can mean a backlog or extra expenses associated with working through a backlog or leaving other parts of your business idle.  For anyone using a tub or horizontal grinder, waiting on wood chipper replacement parts cuts into your bottom line. 
During stormy season, tub and horizontal grinders see a lot of use cleaning up fallen trees and logs brought down by winds and rain or worse!  Especially after severe thunder storms or hurricanes, wood waste handling equipment will be working overtime.  Waiting on replacement wood chipper wear parts will throw a kink in the whole works for a long domino effect of mess after expensive mess.

Getting Fast Delivery Parts for Tub & Horizontal Grinders ( wood chippers ):
  • Pick the Right Supplier:  Getting parts more quickly has everything to do with your choice of tub and horizontal grinder, wood chipper, wear parts supplier.  Pick a supplier with whom you can build a relationship.  You’ll want someone who can get you the same quality tub and grinder wood chipper replacement parts year in and year out.  More importantly, it needs to be someone that you know will reliably get it to you on time when you need it.  How do you find the right supplier?
  • Think American Wood Chipper Wear Parts: Go with a domestic supplier if you want fast delivery parts for wood chippers and tub and horizontal grinders.  First of all, closer to home means less money spent on shipping parts halfway around the globe.  It also means that you can avoid many potential hassles that come with buying from overseas like language barriers and variations in currency exchange rates.  Best of all, delivery is much faster when you don’t have to ship wood chipper wear parts across the Pacific.  As an added bonus, you’ll be doing your part to help keep American manufacturing strong.
  • Think Factory Direct Parts for Wood Chippers: The best way to speed up a delivery is to make it travel less distance.  By cutting a middleman out of the picture, your wood chipper replacement parts for tub and horizontal grinders will get to you sooner.  Also, cutting out a middle man means you don’t have to pay the middleman a share.  Go with factory direct parts for your wood chippers and tub and horizontal grinders.
  • Think Manufactured on Both Coasts: Picking a factory-direct grinder wear parts supplier that has manufacturing capacity on both coasts of the United States helps to further speed up delivery.  DURAMAX performance parts are manufactured in Oregon and Florida, so no matter where you are in the United States, your parts will arrive more quickly than anyone else could provide them.  Location on the coast also means easy, quick shipping to anywhere in the world for fast delivery of wood chipper replacement parts.
Get the Fastest Quality Factory-Direct Replacement Wear Parts for Tub & Horizontal Grinders:
If you aren’t getting the wood chipper replacement parts your tub or horizontal grinder needs when you need them, you’re wasting money.  Idle time means that you’re going to be paying overtime to work through backlog or even losing out on business that you should be getting.  When the summer storms come, don’t be left out in the dark.  Make sure to get the best in wood chipper wear parts for your grinder as quickly as you need it.  To learn more about how the right supplier of grinder wear parts can help keep your business running smoothly, visit or call 800-982-0880.


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