6 Ways to Save Money on Wood Waste Recycling Grinder Wear Parts with a Fast, Factory Direct Domestic Supplier

Posted on: Mar 01, 2016 - 09:00 AM | Money Saving Tips
Author: Wayne Brown
Picking the Wrong Wear Parts Supplier Will Cost You
Selecting a tub and horizontal grinder wood grinder wear parts supplier is about much more than just finding someone who can place your order and see it fulfilled.  As part of your supply chain, the company you choose for wear parts replacement can have a significant effect on your ability to satisfy your customer base.  With the wrong parts supplier, you can wind up overpaying for inferior quality parts.  If you don’t have a fast supplier of wear parts, then your tub or horizontal grinder is going to be spending time in idle when it needs to be hard at work.  Unnecessary downtime means working even harder to work through a backlog of wood waste or it can even keep your business from going ahead with its main business.
Going with the best  wood grinder wear parts supplier can save you money and help your business run more smoothly by avoiding all sorts of unnecessary messes.  Not a fan of wasting time and money because you’ve got the wrong wear parts supplier? Here are some of the big problems you can avoid by choosing the right wood recycling wear parts supplier.
6 Problems Avoided by Using a Factory Direct Wear Parts Supplier
  • High Operating Costs: What many people don’t realize is that failing to replace parts in a timely manner leads to more wear occurring on a machine.  Just like driving a car with a flat tire will mess up your rotor and greatly increase the wear on your other tires, running a tub or horizontal grinder with worn-out parts will increase the wear on parts close to the ones that need replaced.  More wear means more parts to replace and more money spent.  Make sure to order from your wear parts supplier in a timely manner and avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your tub or horizontal grinder.
  • Unnecessary Downtime Due to Slow Delivery: If you don’t go with a fast wear parts supplier, then your tub and horizontal grinder is going to be sitting idle when you need it running.  Every extra day that a supplier takes in getting you the wear parts you need is money lost.  Allowing a backlog of wood waste to pile up is going to mean working overtime to clear it or even delay all of the other aspects of your business.  Using a factory direct supplier of wear parts is key to minimizing downtime, especially when they have manufacturing facilities on both coasts; Florida & Oregon.
  • Lack of Availability: You need a wear parts supplier that can provide parts for any manufacturer’s tub and grinder.  Find a wood grinder wear parts supplier that can provide wear parts for any machine: Diamond Z, CBI, Continental Biomass Industries, Peterson Pacific, Morbark, Duratech, W.H.O., Bandit Beast, Hogzilla, Rotochopper, Toro, Olather, or Vermeer.  Don’t just automatically go with the OEM (original equipment manufacturer); use a supplier that can provide quality wear parts no matter what machines you run.  Also, using a factory direct wear parts supplier means your parts are always “in stock.”
  • Supplier Errors Due to Inexperience: Go with a company that knows what it’s doing.  A wood recycling wear parts supplier with years of success behind it won’t be making errors in your orders that cost you time and money.  Better yet, an experienced supplier can help you customize what you need and go beyond being a passive link in the supply chain.
  • Poor Manufacturing Quality: This problem is self-evident.  If you don’t get a quality domestic wear parts supplier, then you’ll have to replace parts more often.  That means spending more money and wasting more time on maintenance.
  • Poor After-Sale Relationship: A passive supplier can only do so much for your supply chain.  An experienced wear parts supplier can be your partner in keeping your machines running smoothly all the time.  A company that gets to know your grinder wear part replacement schedule can anticipate orders and meet them in a timely manner.  They also know your machines well and can help build customized parts to maximize your tub or horizontal grinder’s performance.
Talk to the Best Factory Direct Domestic Wear Parts Supplier There is
Don’t waste time and money using the wrong grinder wear parts supplier.  Find someone who knows tub and horizontal grinders as well as you do.  Avoid higher operating costs and unnecessary delays by going with a factory direct supplier for your wear parts needs.  Get the quality you want when you want it.  Your supply chain is an important part of your business, and everything grinds to a halt if your supply chain isn’t in order.  To learn more about the benefits of using a factory direct grinder wear parts supplier, visit www.GrinderWearParts.comor call 800-827-0401.


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