How to Save Money on Tub & Horizontal Grinder Replacement Parts for Any Manufacturer’s Grinder

Posted on: Feb 26, 2016 - 11:00 AM | Money Saving Tips
Author: Wayne Brown
Buying Inferior Replacement Parts Shortens the Life of Your Grinder
People often assume that they have to go back to the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for horizontal and tub grinder replacement parts.  But there are many reasons why this isn’t an attractive option.  You might want to find a better quality part than the OEM provided, or can provide.  Or perhaps you have questions about your tub and horizontal grinder replacement parts and don’t care for the customer service you’ve been offered so far.  Worse, equipment sourced overseas can have very long delivery times for replacement part shipping.  Long delivery times can mean unnecessary down times that costs your business time and money.
Going with a horizontal and  supplier that can service many brands will help you get the most out of your grinder replacement parts.  Finding a supplier than can provide replacement parts for your Morbark, Diamond Z, or Vermeer grinder, or a grinder from any other OEM gives you options.  Also, going with a non-OEM lets you customize parts to maximize performance.

Advantages of Going with an Aftermarket Supplier for Grinder Replacement Parts
  • Can Supply Any Grinder Type: A big advantage of going with a non-OEM supplier for tub or horizontal grinder replacement parts means that you can always rely on a proved partner regardless of the brand you’re getting wear parts for.  Whether your company runs grinders from different brands or may potentially buy from a different manufacturer in the future, use one reliable source for grinder replacement parts.  Need Diamond Z grinder replacement parts? Need Morbark grinder replacement parts? Need Vermeer grinder replacement parts? You can get them all from the same excellent tub grinder replacement parts manufacturer.  That doesn’t just go for Diamond Z, Mobark, and Vermeer, but also for CBI, Continental Biomass Industries, Peterson Pacific, Duratech, W.H.O., Bandit Beast, Hogzilla, Rotochopper, Toro, or Olathe.
  • Can Provide Customization: The parts that a grinder comes with aren’t always the best for the job.  For example, going with tungsten carbide tips for horizontal grinder replacement parts that see lots of wear can extend the life of your grinder.  Carbide is a metallic alloy that is far stronger and denser than steel and provides the best balance between wear and “bite.”  Going with carbide means that parts get worn out more slowly and get replaced less.  The extra “bite” means that the grinder can work more efficiently, too. Choose “DURAMAX” carbide wear parts!
  • Better Customer Service: OEMs just want the upfront purchase; everything else is secondary.  A dedicated tub grinder replacement parts supplier focuses only on keeping your machines running at their best.  Their business is keeping your machines running without unnecessary downtime.  They have the experience and knowledge to build you the exact replacement parts (remember carbide customization?) you need to get the most out of your grinder.  Customized carbide replacement parts for your Vermeer or Diamond Z grinder can help extend the life of your grinder and lessen downtime.  Go with someone who will stand by you as a partner in keeping your grinders at their best.
Talk to the Expert Tub and Horizontal Grinder Replacement Parts Supplier
If you aren’t satisfied with the customer service or quality of manufacture supplied by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer), you aren’t alone.  There’s no reason to go back to the OEM when they don’t provide the best product possible.  Talk to a supplier that specializes only in replacement wear parts for tub and horizontal grinders.  They can be a longtime partner providing constant and reliable customer service for years to come.  As experts in making the best horizontal grinder replacement parts, they can help you customize carbide tipped wear parts to maximize the efficiency and life of your machine.  To learn more about getting the best wear parts for your tub and horizontal grinder, visit or call 800-827-0401.


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