4 Advantages of Wood Waste Processing Equipment by Grinder Replacement Parts Supplier

Posted on: Feb 26, 2016 - 03:00 PM | Money Saving Tips
Author: Wayne Brown
Throwing Wood Waste in the Landfill Hurts the Environment
Wood waste is an unavoidable by-product of large-scale landscaping and any construction project.  That’s a side to construction and landscaping that will always be environmentally unfriendly.  But did you know that improper disposal of wood waste also hurts the environment? Mulching scrap wood, construction materials, and old lumber is a great way to make your traditional construction or landscaping business greener.
Although wood is biodegradable, unprocessed wood waste thrown straight into the landfill won’t break down properly.  That is, because the wood is trapped underground without aeration (being able to “breathe”), it will release more methane (a greenhouse gas). It also takes more money and burns more gas when you transport wood waste to a landfill.  Mulching and recycling are both better options that provide more use from the wood and are much better by mother earth.  A Morbark wood waste grinder, or any tub or horizontal grinder, can go a long way to making your company greener and help it deal with wood waste in the least costly way possible.
4 Advantages of Partnering with Supplier for Wood Waste Tub Grinder
  • Grinders are Portable: Short of needing to recycle waste on Mount Everest or Antarctica, you can get wood waste processing equipment anywhere.  On-site processing means lower transportation costs if you still need to move the waste offsite.  It’s simple: ground wood waste/mulch can be packed into fewer shipping trips and less money spent on transportation.  If you’re using mulch onsite, using a Morbark wood waste grinder cuts out the transportation aspect of wood waste disposal completely. 
  • Grinders are “Green”: Cutting down on transportation for wood waste, mulch, or recycled wood products is only one way that a Morbark wood waste grinder helps out Mother Nature.  Properly grinding wood prevents unnecessary methane production that landfill disposal can cause.  Better yet, recycling the wood to use it as mulch, extensive landscaping beds, or playground and stadium soft foundations helps replace less environmentally-friendly products that would otherwise be used.
  • Grinders are a Good Investment: In the long run, wood waste processing equipment is one of the best investments a construction or landscaping company can make.  First, you free yourself from having to rely on someone else to handle wood waste.  That means saving money by not having to supply someone a profit margin and also guarantees that waste gets handled on your schedule and not someone else’s.  Money saved on transportation is another plus.  If your site can benefit from mulching, then wood waste processing equipment can provide you erosion prevention and protect the site’s drainage patterns.  Best of all, recycled wood waste can be sold for use to another landscaping or construction company that specializes in using it, furthering your business’s profits.
  • Having a Parts-Supplier as a Team Member: You can’t run wood waste processing equipment without tub grinder replacement parts.  Grinders require regular replacement of parts that see lots of wear and tear.  It’s like how we change tires several times through the life of a car, but with metal tearing into dense wood rather than rubber on asphalt.  If you have a Morbark wood waste grinder, or any other tub or horizontal grinder such as Diamond Z, Peterson Pacific,WHO,Vermeer, Hogzilla etc. you need a Morbark tub grinder parts supplier that can consistently and reliably provide quality wear parts for your Morbark wood grinder.  Having a tub grinder replacement parts supplier as a partner working in your supply chain is the best way to maximize the benefits of your Morbark wood waste grinder (or any other manufacturer’s grinder).  They can help you keep your wood waste processing equipment running at its very best all the time.  They can even help you customize wear parts for a Morbark wood grinder or any other kind of wood grinder; adding carbide (a metallic alloy that is harder than steel) tips to wear parts that see a lot of wear and tear is a great way to get more “bite” and a longer life out of your grinder.
 Get Wood Waste Processing Equipment to Move Your Company Forward
For those of us who appreciate what Mother Earth has to offer or those of us who just make more money by advertising as a “green” business, protecting the environment is a big deal.  Construction and landscaping aren’t thought of as traditional green businesses, but using grinders to recycle or mulch wood waste goes a long way to minimizing our impact on the environment.  No less important, they can help you save money on transportation and disposal of wood waste.  To learn more about the environmental benefits of wood waste processing equipment or to begin building a partnership with a Morbark tub grinder parts supplier, visit www.GrinderWearParts.comor call 800-827-0401.


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