Market Trends for the Tub and Horizontal Grinder Industry

Posted on: Jun 09, 2016 - 09:15 AM | Market Trends
Author: Darrin Martin

Marketing Trends GraphA market trend is the general tendency or direction in which something tends to move. The overall direction in

wood waste recycling is towards growth and expansion.

Many separate, but related, industries such as logging, construction, and agribusiness are heading toward recovery—which leads to greater opportunity in wood grinding. According to the IBIS World Industry Reports, which provide insight and analysis on U.S. industries, many wood-related enterprises have already begun to make a comeback.

  • Chipping and Grinding Equipment Manufacturing is predicted to grow at a rate of 8.1% from 2012-2017 due to demand from sawmills, waste treatment and disposal, and logging.

  • Renewed residential construction is boosting the demand for lumber, which in turn increases demand for logging, timber services and sawmill and wood production. All of these industries show upward growth from 6.3%-8.2% and all utilize wood grinding as an essential step in their workflow.

  • Agribusiness is slated to grow at a slower rate of 1.3% but the largest part of the demand and revenue to be created from this industry will come from the expanding use of biofuels like chipped waste biomass such as the tops of trees discarded by logging operations.

  • Emerging consumer demand for “green” eco-friendly products made with recycled goods, along with government regulation requiring construction and demolition sites to recycle a certain percentage of the waste they generate, will continue to spur the growth of Recycling Facilities.

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