Alternate Uses for Tub Grinders, Horizontal Grinders, and Trommel Screens

Posted on: Jun 07, 2016 - 01:15 PM | Market Trends
Author: Darrin Martin

Most grinders are used for processing large woody material, such as trees from land-clearing projects or storm debris, into a smaller product, such as mulch or compost, that can be resold. Wood grinding is also excellent for decreasing construction and demolition (C&D) wood waste, which makes up 40-50% of the construction waste stream headed to landfills.1  

In addition to wood grinding, there are other materials that are able to be recycled/ground which offer an opportunity for grinder owners to diversify and expand their business beyond wood grinding. Two of these materials are asphalt shingles and used tires.


Up to 10% of the C&D waste stream—about 11 million tons annually—is asphalt shingles.2 Rather than overburdening landfills and throwing away potential revenue, recycled shingles are being sold as an additive to asphalt paving preparations. The ground shingles improve pavement quality and decrease the cost-per-ton of hot-mix asphalt used for paving roads.

According to Mark Pahl, of Dem-Con Companies, LLC, “...asphalt shingle recycling has been occurring for several years, but the process has just recently become more refined, mainstream and is gaining efficiencies.”2 As more state Departments of Transportation come on board with using recycled asphalt shingles in the hot-mix process, the industry should continue to grow.  

Alternate Uses for Tub and Horizontal Grinders and Trommel Screens,  asphalt

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Tires are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste and because of their shape and large volume they take up a lot of valuable space.3 Fortunately, tires are also valuable as recycled material and they are able to be reused for a variety of purposes.

  • Rubber crumbs to be mixed with hot-melt asphalt for pavement

  • Ground and granulated rubber used for race tracks, playgrounds, and garden beds

  • Barriers for collision reduction, erosion control, and rainwater runoff

  • Used tires can also be reused by tire manufacturers to manufacture new tires 3

Alternate Uses for Tub and Horizontal Grinders and Trommel Screens, used tires

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The production of tire shreds or tire chips involves primary and secondary shredding.4 Tub or horizontal grinders can be used for primary processing of tires. Trommel screens can then be utilized to separate larger pieces from finer final product size material.

At least one company produces a machine that is made specifically for grinding shingles, the Rotochopper RG-1. But other kinds of wood grinders, such as the Peterson Pacific, can be outfitted with special teeth, screens, and other add-ons to make them more suitable for asphalt shingle use in asphalt shingle grinding.  

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