How to Produce the Right-Sized Finished Material from Your Tub or Horizontal Grinder

Posted on: May 19, 2016 - 09:00 AM | Best Practices
Author: Darrin Martin
There are many different sizes of finished material that can be produced from your grinder. And, as any experienced machine operator knows, there are different methods for getting there and factors that have to be taken into consideration that will affect the end product.

Client Preference

Horizontal grinder

Horizontal Grinder


The size of finished material that your grinder produces depends mainly on the needs of the client. Usually the end user dictates what finished product they desire and then it is up to the grinding operation team to modify the screen hole size and the grinding process to meet the client’s desired finished material dimensions.
Environmental Factors


Environmental factors; Woody material in snow

Woody material in snow - CC Image courtesy of SidewaysSarah on Flickr

There are several other factors that contribute to/affect the size of the finished ground material. The following have to be taken into consideration when trying to produce a specifically sized end product because all influence how the material will be processed.

  • Operating speed of the mill and infeed rate of the material

  • Type of material being ground: hardness, dimension, variety (mix)

  • Moisture content of the material: will reduce or increase the density of the material and could contribute to “clumping”

  • Season: hot, wet, cold, and dry environments will definitely affect the finished material

Screen Hole Size

Grinder Screens

Screen/grate with hexagonal hole pattern. Also shown are the mill, hammer and tip/insert.

Screen hole size and shape can be manipulated in many ways to produce different-sized finished material. The shapes of the screen holes range from round to square to rectangular to bias-cut and even herringbone-cut. Screen thickness is another factor that can be changed. And still another option is having baffles attached to the back of the screen.  

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Experience and Experimentation

Stationary grinder

Stationary Grinder

Much like baking a cake, once you have the right ingredients and the process dialed in, you should be able to reproduce the same end product easily. In addition, a consultation with a knowledgeable wear parts/equipment specialist can help point you in the right direction.

To learn more about this subject or other matters regarding the wood waste, tub & horizontal grinding equipment and parts, please contact the the wear parts specialists at Grinder Wear Parts, or 800-827-0401.


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