How to Find the Right American-Made Grinder Wear Parts Manufacturer & Service Supplier

Posted on: May 09, 2016 - 03:00 PM | Best Practices
Author: Wayne Brown
Poor Customer Service from your Wear Parts Supplier Costs You
If you need a tub grinder replacement part and have a question about it, what would you rather have: just the part? Or the part plus access to the expertise of someone who’s used it, has years of experience, and understands that parts supply is more than just filling an order? That it’s about helping their clients maintain a successful business with an increase in profits?  Most of us would choose the second option if we could.  And that’s the problem with a lot of grinder wear parts suppliers: they just fill their order and ship it, failing to realize that their customers may actually need a lot more than just a delivery in a box. Depending on where that part was manufactured, the supplier may not even speak their language, be able to guarantee the materials that made went into the part, multiple locations, or have a contact number the customer can call.

7 Things to Look For in an American Manufacturer of Grinder Wear Parts
  • Knowledge: A grinder wear parts supplier should know your wood waste grinding equipment as well and perhaps even better than you do.  A wear parts supplier that understands your grinder can help you get the most out of your machine.  They can be your partner in knowing how to best maintain the machine.  They can also provide custom parts designed to maximize the life and efficiency of your American made wear parts manufactured and shipped from both coasts: Florida & Oregon.
  • Performance: Go with an American wear parts supplier with a track record of success.  You know that a wear parts supplier with a history of quality and reliability will be able to deliver the same to you.  Don’t gamble with your supply chain; go with an American manufacturer of wear parts with experience and proven reliability.
  • Integrity: Never do business with someone you can’t trust.  A company without integrity will cut corners and provide you the absolute minimum at every corner.  It would take a miracle to get customer service from your wear parts supplier if you aren’t dealing with honesty.  Unless you operate a hotdog stand right in front of Congress, it’s always best to avoid doing business with people who lack integrity.
  • Speed and Accuracy of Manufacture: You want your wear parts right the first time, and you want them on time.  Find an American manufacturer of wear parts that can always get you the parts you want quickly and without errors.  Remember that downtime due to slow delivery or using poor quality parts can slow down your business and eat into your bottom line. Two manufacturing locations in Florida & Oregon helps a lot!
  • Support: Your wear parts supplier’s customer service can tell you a lot about the values and reliability of the company.  You need to always be able to contact your wear parts supplier. You can’t have a supply chain without communication.  Find an American wear parts supplier that thinks of you as a partner and not just another order.  They’ll be willing to stand by their products and always help you get the most out of your tub and horizontal grinders.
  • Longevity: Longevity, in business, is proof of success.  Any company that has survived for a long time and has a reputation for quality will be able to continue to provide quality for years to come.  Don’t go with a wear parts supplier that hasn’t proven that it can stay in business.  Of course, longevity also means that the American wear parts manufacturer has experience with their products and can provide first-hand knowledge.
  • Location of Manufacture: Go with American made wear parts. First of all, a company located in the United States can save you both time and money in delivery because parts don’t have to be shipped across an ocean.  Saved time on delivery is huge, because you can’t run your grinders while waiting on parts.  Also, an American wear parts supplier will always do business in the same language as you.  What use is customer service in a language you don’t speak?
Talk to the Best American Made Wear Parts Manufacturer and Supplier
You want the best wear parts supplier in customer service and someone you can always contact with issues.  Go with the very best in American made wear parts, and you’ll have a partner in your supply chain helping you get the most from your grinders and the most out of your business.  Find an American wear parts supplier with a proven track record of performance, experience, knowledge, and integrity, so that you can have someone to rely on for years to come.  Make sure you always have the support you need nearby and get the correct parts you need quickly.  To learn more about getting the most out of a wear parts supplier, visit www.GrinderWearParts.comor call 800-827-0401.


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