How to Avoid Landscape & Land Clearing Equipment Downtime with Grinder Wear Parts Replacement Parts

Posted on: May 16, 2016 - 10:00 AM | Best Practices
Author: Wayne Brown
Downtime Means Lost Income
Downtime can be catastrophic for any service industry.  If you maintain a fleet of wood waste recycling machines and mulch grinders, you know that you have to be “ready” all the time.  If you’re not? Your potential customers will just call someone else.  Especially after a storm goes through, a landscaping or land clearing company is going to be in very high demand for a short period.  If your company has downtime when demand is highest, you’ll be losing customers to your competition both then and the next time they need something cleaned up.
It pays to have a strategy in place that helps avoid unnecessary down time so that you can build a reputation for being reliable and dependable.  Reputation is everything in a service business, and if you can’t meet demand because your tub or horizontal grinder needs parts, then customers will go to the company that keeps its machines running.  Here are some tips on how to make sure your wood waste recycling equipment is always up for its tasks.

Keeping Your Grinders Running Keeps Your Business Running
  • Have Regular Inspections: Forget how cliché it would be to start comparing ounces of prevention to pounds of cure; it’s true.  Don’t wait until something goes catastrophically wrong with your grinder to do maintenance.  If you do, repairs and lost time are going to be far worse and costlier than if you replace landscape grinder parts as soon as they need replaced.  Of course, you can’t do maintenance work if you don’t check to see what needs work.  Regular inspections are a huge part of keeping your equipment running
  • Keep Land Clearing and Landscape Grinder Replacement Parts: For the same reason a car should always have a spare tire with it, you should always keep wood waste recycling replacement parts on hand in case they’re needed.  If you have the part you need to replace already, then your machines won’t have to wait around for someone to ship the parts.  Downtime goes down to how long it takes to change the parts.  That doesn’t mean buying multiple grinders; talking to an experienced land clearing replacement parts supplier can help you figure out what parts you replace most often and what to keep on hand.
  • Proper Storage Away from Wood Pile: Wood is a fire hazard, as Colorado seems to remind us every year.  Don’t put your grinder right next to a potential bonfire.  Fires aren’t always likely, but taking unnecessary risks is a very poor business model.  Fires can start many ways, and not all can be prevented.  But keeping equipment away from wood piles minimizes the risk to your business.  You’ll need a whole lot more than just replacement parts for your landscape grinders if they go up in flames.
  • Use a Quality Land Clearing Parts Supplier: Replacement parts are a part of your supply chain just like anything else your business requires.  Buying from the wrong wood waste recycling parts supplier is a mistake that can cost your business big time.  First, you don’t want to overpay.  Second, if you don’t get high-quality landscape grinder parts, then you’ll have more downtime dealing with maintenance issues caused by inferior parts.  The right supplier for landscape grinder replacement parts will also be your partner in knowing what parts to always have on hand, help you always get parts you need in a hurry, and help maximize the life of your equipment
Talk to the Expert Land Clearing and Landscape Grinder Parts Supplier
You can keep maintenance costs down and downtime—a potential business killer—to a minimum by staying on top of your land clearing equipment’s need for replacement parts.
Performing regular inspections can help you address problems before they become even larger messes.  It also allows you to order land clearing equipment replacement parts before the equipment actually falls apart.
Keep parts that get replaced often on hand, so you don’t waste precious time waiting on delivery.  Be smart about where you store your landscape grinder too.  Most of all, get in touch with a quality wood waste recycling parts supplier who can provide the best value and best quality landscape grinder parts and who can be your partner in keeping your machines and business running.

To learn more about minimizing downtime, visit or call 800-827-0401.


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